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05 Feb 12 Chrome OS takes a dive with PDF Reader function loss

About a week ago, I experienced a system update after which I couldn’t read multi-page PDF documents.   I stayed stuck on the first page.  This turns my Cr-48 into a quasi-functional object that sort of imitates a black brick. I filed a bug report with Chrome OS team about an hour after I couldn’t find a work-around.   I’ve noticed some blog postings elsewhere that suggest that Safari users may have had somewhat similar issues starting January 21 or so.

The built-in Chrome PDF viewer has actually been a mainstay of how my Cr-48 pulls its weight in class preparation.  Without the viewer being able to handle multi-page PDFs, I can’t use the Cr-48 to display my lecture slides.  Uploading from Libre Office .odp format to Google Docs has so many fine-tuned formatting items botched that it’s a non-starter.

This is sad, because it might be something bad with WebKit.  Then again, it’s one of the more brittle aspects of Chrome OS that I can’t just install the Adobe PDF Reader plugin—although I admit that I haven’t taken time to approach this on the command line.  Fact is, I don’t want to take time to make something work like it did two weeks ago.

At campus, our new Moodle installation is also reducing the degree to which Google Docs is involved in my distribution of files.  It’s a new experience for most of the students, and a welcome return to Moodle for me.   Anyway, the Cr-48 is now at:

Google Chrome   18.0.1017.3
Chrome OS Platform  1625.0.0  dev-Mario
Firmware   Mario.03.60.1120.0038G5.0018d
WebKit   535.19 (@105663)


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    It seems like a temporary fix is to click on the PDF after attempting to scroll–I think this refreshes screen.

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    Thanks Ken! I had probably seen that while poking around with the problem PDF viewer build, but definitely I had not recognized that as a potential work-around. I appreciate your note.

    My preferred use case for lecturing is to push a single keyboard key and have the page snap to the next page—effectively stepping myself to the next slide in the presentation. Most of the time I haven’t even hooked up a mouse to the Cr-48 during lecture.

    Anyhow, this afternoon’s update seems to have it fixed ;^)

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