Chrome OS for web mapping delivery

21 Aug 12 On the road with Cr-48 in tow

Much of the past week has been a road trip, of the wagon-er-SUV heading east on Route 66.  The location with natural wonders and familiar overcast weather has been a big attraction.  Every day has had small blessings of rain (with a few sparkles of lightning thrown in when we were in Arizona,) bringing out the fragrance of high desert sage.

Anyway, out in the countryside there’s been some familiar roads, plenty of paper maps from AAA, MyTracks and Google Maps.  The GPS works fine (as does Sirius/XM radio) in the open skies, but data connectivity has been sporadic outside of towns.  Every night there’s WiFi, although in some places it’s a meagre thread rather than true broadband connectivity.  Usually, I’ve enjoyed the diversity of T-Mobile or their data partners and Verizon on the Cr-48—but not for the first part of this trip.  Somewhere along the lines one of the dev channel builds seems to have lost a way to navigate to Verizon, or the 3G wasn’t being polled for connectivity.

But no more.  Out here in the northern San Juan Valley I just restarted the Cr-48 to finalize an update.  The start-up was wicked fast and qualitatively seemed like only four seconds to login screen.  And lo!  Verizon is back and working.  Just in time for some road adventures, or at least a Google Maps supplement to the AAA maps.  It’s kind of amazing to see traffic reports on some of the obscure back roads, yet I’ll bet it’s pretty useful to the folks who live around here.

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