Chrome OS for web mapping delivery

Bing Maps

While most of my work effort is related in some way to creating custom interactive web mapping (through content, custom viewer application, or both) there is still plenty of room for stock solutions like Bing Maps.  Whether through direct use in or embedded in various MS .NET technologies, good things can come from having fast cloud-based base maps.

Bing Maps is Microsoft’s response to Google Maps, and features integration with many utilities from the Windows Live suite.
For the past few years, one of the key advantages of Bing is that Microsoft managed to extract an exclusive licensing arrangement with Pictometry, the leading provider of oblique image coverage in the United States.  That agreement meant that only Microsoft could offer Pictometry content as a public-facing web service, so if one wanted to integrate oblique imagery into a web mash-up, Bing maps and the Windows Live environment has been one of the few ways to do so.

These are examples of Bing maps focused on Marin County

The automatic style adjuster with traffic

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