Chrome OS for web mapping delivery

12 May 11 Catching up on Google I/O – keynote

Helping us all along with some chosen verbiage–let’s focus on the Open Web as the platform that Chrome is working to influence.

Here’s the keynote that I’m watching right now.

It’s fun to hit the fishIEtank demo and see it rock.  Last week, I was getting better results in IE 10 than in Chrome 13–of course, I hadn’t opened all the stops on GPU acceleration under Windows 7.  On Chrome OS, the Cr-48 hits 21 fps with 250 fish, GPU-accelerated that is.  The Mozilla Fast-Fishie alternative was even more astounding for its rate, although I could not see the sprites on either my Ubuntu nor Cr-48 screens.

I’ve stumbled upon, and am in awe of the interactive film “3 Dreams of Black” by Chris Milk  at , an astoundingly astute domain hack with a transcendent concept demonstration.  Since the Cr-48 isn’t yet WebGL enabled (perhaps soon), one can view the trailer in 720p resolution just fine through this link.  Maybe you can even see it here:

Oh yea, after just 24 hours, the Cr-48 is updated to 0.12.433.38 with Google Chrome 12.0.742.50 — maybe some of the devs checked in their code after coming back from San Francisco ;^)

Wow, talk about playing Angry Birds all day long in Chrome…  in the HD version, the Cr-48 just rocked.  Quite a bit better than my G1 Android device, not quite as smooth as either an iPod Touch 4 or a Samsung Galaxy Tab.  In-app payments will enable “Mighty Eagle” purchases just like the iOS platform does.