Chrome OS for web mapping delivery


Included here at first out of legacy interest, this web property has survived and evolved over a long (web-) time.  Field users with a Cr-48 can have some of the same advantages over phones and tablets as with other web mapping applications.

For me, the original web map site, 1996–2000.  More than 10 years ago, it seemed to have the closest links to ESRI and quality mapping.  But as in-car navigation systems grew in popularity, the monetary value of route-able street networks grew a lot.  Companies that were producing accurate and updated streets on a continental scale became larger by far than the web mapping-only companies that were publishing their work. Then AOL purchased MapQuest, and a worldwide consolidation of street mapping companies has left the planet with two majors, Nokia/NAVTEQ and TomTom/TeleAtlas.  So the early web map company was absorbed for a time by an online service giant, a mobile phone hardware company acquired the US road mapper, and a Dutch GPS navigation device company acquired the Dutch road mapper, years after they had acquired the other two US road mappers, ETAK and GDT.  But that was then, and this is now:

Through all this evolution, MapQuest has persisted and seems to be finding its niche now that it’s independent once again.

MapQuest with live traffic and some East Bay oblique coverage

Cool new MapQuest Open that links Open StreetMap content

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